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Private Law Library

Late Chief (Barrister) Salimonu O. Olodo Private Law Library


Brief Biography:


Born to Chief Yusuf Olodo and Alimatu Sadia Olodo in Ode-Omu, Osun State on 18th June, 1936.


Salimonu Oloriade Olodo attended Offa Grammar School and following successfully completion of his secondary school education, he briefly taught in secondary schools and subsequently married Princess Modupe Adewuyi and travelled to London in 1960.


He obtained his first degree in law (LLB) and Masters in Commercial Law (LLM) from Holborn College of Law, London and travelled back to Nigeria in 1974.


On his return back to Nigeria, he worked for many corporations including the British High Commission as a Senior Commercial Officer before voluntarily resigning and setting up his own legal chamber at Sokoto State, Nigeria where he was renowned for his legal expertise and popularly dubbed "The Law".


He was loved by friends and colleagues for his simplicity and generous approach, which made him popular statesman for his kinsmen in the Northern part of Nigeria. He was honoured with Chieftaincy title in Ede as "Bobaselu of Ede".



Aim and Purpose ? Private Law Library:


In recognition of his importance to legal practice in Nigeria and particularly, his love for legal excellence, a private law library is proposed to be set up in his name to achieve the following:


·        To increase the knowledge base of law students visiting the library.

·        To enhance the ability of law practitioners to make proper representation through accessibility to practical law materials.

·        To increase awareness and information base of visitors through availability of educational materials.

·        To help improve information literacy, and advance information access and professionalism in the Southwest of Nigeria



Law Library Structure:


The law library will be divided into five segments namely ?


  • Quiet Room
  • Law Research Center
  • Reference Section/Information Section
  • E-Communication Suite
  • Olodo Gallery



Law Library Breakdown (Brief diagnosis):


Quiet Room


This area would be equipped to assist visitors to have quiet time to absorb information and have good reflection time.


Law Research Center


The center would contain all periodic, weekly and monthly law materials for law students and practitioners in the law profession.


Visitors would also have access to law magazines and law materials from all countries of the world to enhance academic research.


Reference Section/Information Section


The section will have general information for visitors on wide range of law-related issues and the research officer would be equipped to assist visitors with all queries.


E-Communication Center


The center would be equipped with electronic and communication equipments for visitors such as computers, television, DVD, videos and other E-law related materials.


Olodo Gallery


The gallery will provide visitors with general information about the center, the biography of late Chief Salimonu Olodo and other information about the Olodo family.




The law library will be located in Osogbo, Osun State to support the existing educational infrastructure in place and upcoming higher institution in the pipeline.


Further Information


For further information about the vision and how you can support it, kindly contact me on +234 (0) 7466 55 99 66 or email info@temitopeolodo.co.uk  



The Business Case - Why Osogbo?




According to Nigeria 1991 National Population Census: Osun State has a population of 2.2 million, made up to 1.079 million males and 1.123 million females.


According that National Census: The city of Osogbo is not only the state capital but one of the most populated area in Osun State. It has a population of approximately 845,000. Most of the population are members of the Yoruba ethnic group


History of Osogbo


O?ogbo was founded around early 18th century by hunters from a nearby village which was suffering from famine. The hunters decided to move a few of their family members to the lower terraces of a nearby river, the river Osun. One of the hunters, Larooye, became the first Ataoja which is the royal title of the king of Osogbo, as one of the initial builders of the then small settlement, most of the initial population were concentrated around the palace of the Ataoja. After the fall of old Oyo, many people fleeing the Fulani Advancement settled at Osogbo, since then Osogbo has increased in population largely due migration from other Yoruba towns.



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