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7 Magnetic Characteristics of a Masterclass Orator...

After a long day of meetings and research work into my forthcoming book (smiles), I saw an email alert from TVC News which was very moving! 

The TV Station sent me a 'Certificate of Appreciation'. I must have appeared on their TV Channel about 12 times in 2016; giving commentary on security issues from Libya to Nigeria, Turkey to security deliberation at the G20 Summit.

That made me to start pondering on the skills required to be ‘Master-class Oratory’ with the ability to add value to your audience and make their one time encounter with you worthwhile...

It is important to highlight quickly that for anyone to become a guru or subject matter expert in their chosen field; they must be willing to expand their understanding of the subject area beyond the ‘normal’ populace concept of the subject... they need to become an authority on the issue!

So, if anyone is interested in having the ‘Wow’ factor experience then they need to demonstrate the following 7 characteristics -


 Anyone keen to become a reference point on a subject matter must be a able to provide ABC explanation of the issue particularly when speaking to an audience on the matter. He/she must be articulate, nimble and steadfast. Yet one of the most overlooked qualities is the ability to make even the most high-brow, technical jargon sound simplistic, and even fun doing so.

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