Quotes Temi is passionate about what he does and so when he speaks he communicates passion. He is forward thinking, proactive and very focused. He is not one to stand still but pursues excellence with unwavering determination. He is whole heartedly devoted to the advancement of black and ethnic minority groups. Many people around him respect him and avail themselves to be enthused and positively impacted by his motivational pep talks - March 31, 2009 Quotes
Karis 'Tunmbi Kayode
Management Consultant/Stakeholder Relationship Manager , QEII

Quotes I have written as a freelance for The Integrity Magazine published by Mr Olodo. He is a man of great vision and passion for community involvement in socio-political debates. He has provided opportunities for people like me to express out thoughts and ideas through the magazine, in reaching to opinion formers and policy makers. His versatility in terms of experience and skills is very impressive - June 17, 2009 Quotes
Ade Fashade
Equality & Diversity Manager at Shelter , Shelter

Quotes I worked with Temi as a member of the National Executive Committee of the Network, where he was the General secretary. His commitment, with vigour,valour,passion and diligence to every bit of work he embarks upon is unrivalled. His interpersonal skills is beyond admirable, perhaps it explains why he flourishes in community cohesion. Above all he is a strategist who not only looks ahead of himself, but at what is lurking around the corner - A highly recommended! - October 1, 2009 Quotes
Fasil Onimole
Member of The Home Office Black Staff Network

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