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  • "Temi is passionate about what he does and so when he speaks he communicates passion. He is forward thinking, proactive and very focused. He is not one to stand still but pursues..."
    Karis 'Tunmbi Kayode
    Management Consultant/Stakeholder Relationship Manager , QEII
  • "I have written as a freelance for The Integrity Magazine published by Mr Olodo. He is a man of great vision and passion for community involvement in socio-political debates. He ..."
    Ade Fashade
    Equality & Diversity Manager at Shelter , Shelter

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About Temitope Olodo

Temitope Olodo is the author of  The Rules of Engagement and Faith Community & The Law, which strategically mark him out as an expert in the field of community/stakeholder engagement and preventive terrorism. 

With a career spanning the private, public and voluntary sector; he was educated in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

Over the past 15 years, Temi has developed immense skills and experience in the area of performance management, counter terrorism, diversity, project management, community engagement and strategic thinking. He holds two degrees in Political Science BSc (Hons) and LLB in Law (Hons) respectively with a Masters in Human Resources from London South Bank University.

He is a political analyst with keen interest in African Diaspora and Counter Terrorism matters. A former Civil Servant, Temi worked in more than four UK government departments including UK Border Agency, Office for Criminal Justice Reform (OCJR), Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) etc where he dealt with sensitive security matters. Prior to leaving Civil Service, he worked in the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT) managing projects on violent extremism and he was a former Special Police Constable with Kent Police.

Temitope was the former director/publisher of The Integrity Magazine and he is a regular guest on television programs and sought after conference speaker on Africa security, diaspora, community/stakeholder engagement and migrant empowerment across the UK.

He is one of the founding fathers and Past President of British-Africans In Government (B.I.G) which is a network of Africans working for UK government and he is currently the chairperson of Nigeria Diaspora Security Forum (NDSF)

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Temi's Books

Understanding the concept of religious freedom is essential for policy writers, faith practitioners and more importantly anyone eager to engage with the faith community.

An effective faith engagement and implementation strategy must take account of the legal development in the field of religious discrimination.

This author takes the readers on a journey that provides an explanatory legal etymology of the concept of religious discrimination within the international scene and the United Kingdom before the arrival of HRA 1998.

This book also examines protections available in other common law countries like USA, Australia, Nigeria and South Africa.

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It is now an acceptable fact that community engagement is vital for successful delivery of public-orientated policies and the author in this book provides the readers with the tools toachieve the task.

Tapping into a wealth of experience developed over the years, the author explores the concept of community engagement from continent to continent and shares that information to guarantee effective community cohesion.

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